The city sometimes called the Queen of Resorts -- the same city that gave the world the "show us your shoes" parade, the drag-u-licious Miss'd America pageant and the (supposed) first casino-based gay nightclub -- has a gay mayor-elect.

Is Atlantic City fabulous or what?

Don Guardian, 60, a bowtie wearing, bike-riding Republican, ran a savvy campaign that tapped into grassroots disatisfaction with incumbent Democrat Lorenzo Langford, who may turn out to be best remembered for conceding the race Tuesday and "withdrawing" his concession Thursday.

Guardian's sexuality barely registered as an issue until late in the campaign, says Jeff Guaracino, communications officer with the Atlantic City Alliance. They're the folks behind the Do AC promotions.

"The conversation never really was around [his] sexuality. It was always about Atlantic City and Atlantic City's future," says Guaracino, who is openly gay. "It really was a non-issue.

"Things really have changed in the last 20 or 30 years.. Atlantic City is [more] diverse. And since its very inception as a destination, Atlantic City has been very familiar with the LGBT community."