Another Day, Another Dig

Another day, another insult. Another survey story.

They think we're fat. They think we're ugly. They think we're miserable. No wonder some Yogurt company thought we were constipated.

Today's metro column, a tale of two surveys (we're smarter than we're beautiful), brings to mind the single most reliable indicator of a metropolitan area's worthiness.

I call it the Keith Hollar rule.

Keith was a copy editor in Norfolk, Va., which would win neither a beauty contest nor a college bowl, but was a fun  place nonetheless . He'd moved from Charlotte and had kicked around smaller southern towns before that and probably since.

He judged a place this way:

Is it big enough to warrant a separate Yellow Pages from its White Pages?

Has it synchronized its traffic lights?

How cheezy were its late-night TV ads for local used-car lots?

As good a measure as any - probably more useful, actually.

We love this place as it is. But fix the lights and work on the commercials, huh?