Angie and Cupcake: The book!

For eight years, a tiny dog named Cupcake has been making a huge difference in Angela Bain's life.

As the "Smile Makers," the inseparable twosome regularly make public appearances - in matching costumes - and brighten the lives of sick and needy people in South Jersey.

Cupcake, a Teacup Longhair Chihuahua, holds a 2013 Guinness world record as "the world's smallest service dog." And Bain,  49, of Moorestown, has published "Cupcake -- the Angel That Saved My Life," a book that tells their story.

"I wanted to reach out to other people who want to give up, and let them know there are angels out there," says Bain, who once was homeless (read the column I wrote about her here). She also suffers from a form of Muscular Dystrophy.

As her own life turned around, thanks in large part to Cupcake, Bain -- with the help of her boyfriend, Kevin Davis -- wrote the book to provide inspiration and to raise money for programs that help homeless people.

The book is available at