Tracy Strong and Hans Salomon met in 1941 at a concentration camp near the Spanish border in France where Salomon (right), a Jew, was imprisoned. They met again Friday in Philadelphia.

Hans Salomon didn't know much about the tall, well-dressed American with a quiet voice.

He just knew, somehow, to trust him.

Salomon was 18, a Jewish refugee from Mannheim, a prisoner in a French concentration camp.

The American, Tracy Strong, was an aid worker who lived in Geneva, where his father ran the world YMCA. Strong promised he'd get Salomon out of there - move him to a school in a village where the townspeople would educate, feed and hide him.

That's part of Sunday's metro column, the one where I got to sit in a room in Northeast Philly where the two men rekindled a friendship that began 68 years ago in the worst of times.