Andrews: Save the Garden

U.S. Rep. Rob Andrews, D-NJ, hopes to save the Camden Children's Garden.

In a post displayed on the Facebook page of the beloved waterfront institution -- which the state wants to bulldoze -- Andrews said in part:

The Camden Children's Garden is an oasis of peace and beauty that has served our community so well over the years. The recent letter received by the leaders of the Children's Garden from a state agency purporting to evict the garden is 100 percent wrong. I have consulted with the leaders of the garden and I am fully committed to supporting the fight to preserve this wonderful community resource.

In the face of the state's decree that the garden, which pays no rent and has no lease, vacate the three-acre site by mid-March to make way future "economic development," community support for the affordable, Camden-centric destination continues to build.

The Save the Camden Children's Garden page on Facebook has nearly 5,000 members; an online petition has garnered nearly 900 signatures; and visitors to the "Jersey Family Fun" blog are posting protests. A tip of the hat to Jersey Family Fun for the apropos video selection, below.