An underwhelming 'Glass' milestone

Filmmaker Chris Barrett wearing his Google Glass. He is among the first 1,000 nondeveloper testers of the product.

Fans of Google Glass, the technology that transforms the wearers of special specs into peeping toms, claim that history has been made on the Wildwood boardwalk.

A young filmmaker named Chris Barrett -- whose pallid yet bright-eyed earnestness reminds me, alas, of purported freedom fighter/man without a country Edward Snowden -- insists the herky-jerky montage his 'Glass' captured during a July 4 Jersey Shore mini-melee is the first of its kind.

Barrett is referring to a sequence showing a rather hapless and shirtless young man, who may be in violatation of  Wildwood's new boardwalk-after-dark dress code, being subdued by police.

I've watched the video (below) twice, which I don't recommend; aside from providing a reminder of why I haven't been on the Wildwood boardwalk at night in 30 years, the I-witness sequence strikes me as having little to do with "citizen journalism," as Barrett would have us believe.  It's about as enlightening as reality TV .


PHOTO: Jennifer Rubinovitz/Courtesy of Chris Barrett