All aboard

Ever wonder what reality looks like after you’ve been on reality TV?

This Burlington County Times headline, ‘Deadliest Catch’ deckhand at Pizza Hut fundraiser, offers some insight.

Russell Newberry, dubbed the ‘wandering deckhand’ after serving on three of the seven fishing vessels featured on the Discovery Channel series, will be in Mount Holly, NJ later today to help some Burlington County College students raise money for a trip to Florida. The students plan to make an anti-bullying presentation at the Impact Conference, a national gathering of students involved in civic projects.

No longer a cast member of a show best described as a seagoing soap opera with crustaceans, Newberry has lent his name to a line of wines and keeps busy with personal appearances, including several in New Jersey and Philadelphia.

Interviewed last week on a Vancouver TV station (he was in town for a boat show), Newberry was an affable pro, saying his “tiny bit of notoriety” has enabled him to do good.

“My stipulation is, let’s give something back,” he said, adding that his first fundraising venture involved helping a Philadelphia-area child with leukemia. He also raises money for veterans.

Newberry is scheduled to be on hand at the Pizza Hut, 605 High Street, Mount Holly, between 5 and 9 p.m. today.