After Trayvon: Nutter's Time essay on violence

This week’s Time issue, “After Trayvon,” includes an essay by Mayor Nutter on black-on-black crime and what he calls “domestic terrorists” who are “even more devastating to our cities than the episodic threats from overseas.”

Nutter notes that 75 percent of Philadelphia’s homicide victims are black men, who constitute 80 percent of all homicide suspects.

There is some good news: Despite an already deadly July, this year's homicide rates fell mid-year to a 45-year low.

In the essay, Nutter speaks of having more corporate, philanthropic, religious and social-advocacy communities work together “in a concerted, holisitc and comprehensive effort” to help African-Amercan men and boys.

The mayor also asks for "a partnership among cities, states and federal agencies," but many Harrisburg legislators and officials seem particularly indifferent to Philadelphia's needs, especially when it comes to funding public education and enacting tougher gun-control laws.

--Karen Heller