Ach Der Lieber

An explanation has been found for President Bush's impolitic shoulder rub of German Chancellor Angela Merkel at last week's G8 summit. Read the Daily Sally's take:

What the hell he was thinking in grabbing the female Chancellor of Germany from behind, without warning and in far too familiar a way. He'd probably tell you he was 'just tryin' to make that little German gal feel welcome among all the big fellas.'

jay lassiter
Posted 07/25/2006 12:10:37 PM

This is fantastic..... i may have to give it another spin. p.s. the backrub incident was embarrassing enough, but at least (unlike many Bush follies) no one had to die in the process this time..

Posted 07/29/2006 01:39:29 PM

Way too funny! Love it. :)