A comedian, huh?

Another academic honor for a Stooge.

As we ponder the Thursday induction of Louis Feinberg, aka 'Larry', into the Hall of Fame of his alma mater, the bookish Central High School, we received this email from a fellow alum, Dr. David Brookstein, dean of engineering at Philadelphia U.:

Turns out that I too visited the Stoogeum several years ago with a friend of Gary Lassin, David Steinbrink….Steinbrink also was a great fan of the Stooges…Then…several months later we were having a BBQ with Dave Steinbrink and his father Rabbi Dick Steinbrink,,,,We start talking bout the Stooges and Rabbi Steinbrink tells us that he was the one who officiated at Larry Fine’s funeral……Of course we asked him if when they through the dirt on his coffin did they say Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk….And of course they did.

…..I saw Schemp’s army “discharge papers”……The key word here is discharge.  Turns out the Schemp was discharged from the army for “excessive nocturnal emissions”……Serious as I can be.

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