A political Sandy storm

Perhaps the Democrats accusing Chris Christie of politicizing Superstorm Sandy to distract voters from New Jersey's potential fiscal disaster hope to distract the electorate from the party's impending electoral catastrophe.

The latest Farleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll shows the incumbent Republican governor enjoying stellar re-election prospects and superstar popularity ratings in the political aftermath of the storm that devastated parts of the Jersey Shore in October.

And as Christie prepared to present what's expected to be a Sandy-centric "State of the State" address, potential opponent/periodic bromantic partner Steve Sweeney rightly apologized Monday for his clumsy critique (see: "prayed") of the governor's Sandy-related politicking -- although the state Senate president did not fault Christie's deft display of pique (see: "disgusting") against Congressional Republicans.

When it comes to politicizing Sandy, Sweeney seems tone-deaf, while Christie (see: Saturday Night Live video clip, below) enjoys perfect pitch.

Just ask Barack Obama. Or Bruce Springsteen.