A holding pen for red-light 'cash cows'

Like me, I bet you’re thrilled to hear New Jersey is putting red-light cameras on probation.

The state transportation department wants to determine whether the yellow portion of the signal cycle is properly timed on many of the 85 devices that have been installed statewide, purportedly to enhance public safety while definitely enriching municipal coffers.

Cameras in 17 New Jersey communities will be evaluated, including those in Cherry Hill, Stratford, Glassboro and Monroe Township.

Alas, the Gloucester Township camera that extracted $85 from my coffers is not among the suspects.

I got busted while making a right on red on a stretch of Blackwood-Clementon Road that could be renamed Hollywood Boulevard; the  flash-flash-flash of camera lights is dazzling as one driver after another triggers this voracious/rapacious township budget improvement technology.