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POSTED: Friday, December 9, 2005, 8:07 AM
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MariahWhy did Mariah Carey pull 8 Grammy nominations? Did she make the best CD of the year?

Dan DeLuca was haunted by these questions last night as he drove to review a Fiona Apple show. On his way to a good show, thinking about Mariah. It's not easy being Dan. And so he called in our new high-tech recording system that lets you hear the ACTUAL VOICES OF INQUIRER WRITERS as they wrestle with the big issues in real time. Note the crappy sound. It's a beginning, people. It's a new age, this multimedia.

We offer this here. (For the uninitiated, you click this link, and it plays a quick sound file of Dan hashing it out with his imagined audience, which could be you. Or you could turn the page.)

POSTED: Friday, December 9, 2005, 7:49 AM
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Twinkle Happy as a Bouvier in a snow bank.

The silence woke me up. No rattle of cars on the street. Then the phone, at 4 or 5 - my eyes didn't work well enough to tell the difference. It was my wife's school, calling. "Happy Day," I told the lady, and whispered the news. Feet danced.

It's now 7:30, and both boys are up. Why? Because there is no school.

POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 11:04 AM
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WfilIf you grew up around Philly on '70s radio, this post by DJ Robert Drake will bring back the sounds of Wibbage and The Boss Jocks, memories of Bananamobiles and the Steel Pier Showcase.

He's got a link to Hy Lit Radio,  which my barber (in radio silence since the betrayal by WPEN) would gladly play if he only had a computer in his shop.

Trawling for art work, I found this page dedicated to the history of Philadelphia radio, Part 1.

POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 10:31 AM
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Tomdelay_1I should never cover politics. I can't distingish a fake smile from a real one.

Take this quick test that the BBC has posted online, based on the research of the University of California's Paul Ekman.

You play 20 videos of people smiling and tell it whether their expressions are natural or not.

POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 9:54 PM
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Does it really cost $92,000 to have your gallbladder taken out at Temple?

That was the bill for a one-night stay, according to Sue's Place. Sue Polinsky's nephew, a Temple Law student, had fallen ill fast. Still getting over the pain from the charges for "inpatient services." Insurance left the family with a small amount due. Does anyone actually pay that amount?

Posted 12/09/2005 09:11:25 AM
In the early 90's I went to HUP's emergency room with a severe gallbladder attack.

I didn't really want to go because HUP's ER deals with things a lot more dramatic than my gallbladder, but I worked for a department chairman at HUP at the time and figured I should show some company loyalty.

I checked in at around 10:00 PM. A gunshot victim was brought in.  A crack mother delivered her baby in the waiting room.  I believe a stabbing victim was also brought in.  Plus the usual fare.

At around 3:30 AM, I was taken for x-rays. Later, an ultrasound.  At around 6:00 AM, I had a visit from the surgeon on call.  At around 1:00 PM the next day, I was released with instructions and the name of a surgeon.

I was billed for an overnight stay at the hospital.  $6,000.  If you have insurance, they pay it.
Dan Roth
Posted 12/16/2005 09:47:10 AM
POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 9:35 PM
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Juggler A taste of the local favorite that's currently running No. 3 in the Best Parenting Blog category of the 2005 Weblog Awards:

Today's agenda: back-to-back meetings until 4:00. This seriously sucks. It's the end of the semester and people are trying to cram everything in I guess. At least one of these meetings, I called myself. I also have phone calls I need to make--first thing, I guess, before the meetings start. Gah. I realized that tomorrow, the kids get out early and neither me nor Mr. Geeky can get to them until about two hours after they get out. Will have to call a neighbor. Double gah. Parent-teacher conferences tomorrow and Friday, which will be filled with homework issues--yes, again. And can I say that my reaction to the homework issues is not good? Given that I don't think homework really helps Geeky Boy learn, I just kind of blow it off and think the teachers have their panties in a wad and just want to make sure their school ranking doesn't drop. Cynically, I think they don't really care about whether he's learning, but about whether he's following the rules. I don't want a kid who just works because someone else tells him to. Did I mention that he aces tests, including the state ones? Remind me again why there's homework? Work ethic, my butt. Geeky Boy has a better work ethic than most of his friends as far as I can tell, so there.

Go Geeky Mom! We can vote, by the way. Once a day.

Posted 12/08/2005 10:19:34 PM
POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 9:02 PM
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Overheard in my house:

Son No. 1: "So we wear our pajamas inside-out and sleep with spoons under our pillows?"

Son No. 2: "Yeah, that way there's no school tomorrow."

POSTED: Thursday, December 8, 2005, 8:15 AM
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Progre The women mumble, ‘Yes,’ and ‘No,’
And talk about the Hawkwind show.

  - From "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prog-Rock" (with apologies to T. S. Eliot)

read the whole poem-parody here at TheG33k

Posted 12/08/2005 09:49:57 AM
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