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POSTED: Thursday, November 16, 2006, 3:23 PM
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Oj "I consider this his confession," says publisher Judith Regan of O.J. Simpson's If I Did It book, where he talks about what would have happened had he actually been the killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman.

Tearful, two-part TV interview on Fox - part of the same happy media family as ReganBooks - to follow, prompting Harry Shearer to write: "It's a breathtaking use of the past subjunctive by a network that normally can barely manage the present tense."

eCache in South Jersey observes, "The bottom of the pit dropped today."

POSTED: Thursday, November 16, 2006, 3:12 PM
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Grossclinic_1 With the pending sale of Thomas Eakins'  "The Gross Clinic," WHYY seizes the moment to launch a new blog, the smartly named Sixth Square.

It's part of a full-press the public station is mounting to bring attention to Thomas Jefferson University's $68 million deal to sell the painting to the National Gallery and Wal-Mart heirs who are building a museum in Arkansas. Philadelphia has 45 days to meet the price.

The Sixth Sense writes:

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 10:45 AM
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Memo4 Is this real? The Huffington Post says it's a memo from a Fox News exec, telling journalists to watch for any mention from the Iraq insurgency that things will be better under the Democrats. It assures that the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Republican loss of both houses don't signal "the end of the world."

The whole thing's a good read. It appears to be from the desk of News VP John Moody.

Huffington Post readers are in a huff about it. 

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 10:29 AM
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Samarnold_0 After reading Wednesday's Blinq on food blogs, Ira Morton Goldberg wondered by e-mail what had happened to the South China restaurant, where he and his crowd from Penn feasted on wor shu opp back in the '50s.

I have no idea, but if Sam Bushman were still around, the press agent with the photographic memory could have told me the Chinatown place's social history as well as the whereabouts of the old chef.

In a funny way, Sam is still around.

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 10:19 AM
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256110266673 Welcome to Phillyville keeps hammering away at Thomas Jefferson University, linking what other bloggers are saying about its decision to cashier Thomas Eakin's masterwork, "The Gross Clinic," for $68 million, and ship it off to the National Gallery of Art and a new museum planned by Wal-Mart heirs in Arkansas. Jefferson says it could use the money.

Here's what some bloggers wrote:

The Illadelph: "There are entire blocks in Washington Square West that are routinely devoid of activity on account of Jefferson’s nightmarish planning abilities and urban vision. (Kudos to them for the recent completion of their latest big project, the massive Chestnut Street parking garage. Excellent use of real estate. Really. A bang-up job all around. Those pretty banners hanging on the side totally make all those variances it got for hundreds of extra spaces et al. totally worth it — they look fantastic.)"

POSTED: Wednesday, November 15, 2006, 3:28 PM
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Ira My old dinner companion, Ira Einhorn, loses his appeal.

A Superior Court panel rejects all 10 arguments made by the hippie guru's counsel. The 66-year-old Unicorn must stay in prison, where he's serving a life sentence for the murder of ex-girlfriend Holly Maddux.

Update to follow soon on his blog, where he's railed, through a friend, at his legal representation. It may not be a joy to represent Einhorn. He wrote last month about his lawyers:

POSTED: Tuesday, November 14, 2006, 6:22 AM
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FromstellabitesBack in Blinq's salad days - July 2005 - I put out the call for food blogs. I knew of only a couple, but there wasn't one that bottled the energy of the restaurant scene in this town.

Since then Philly's gone food bloggy. Messy & Picky are noshing their way through the city's exotic eateries. Edible Complex is finding world cuisine among the strip malls of suburbia. Gastronomy's use of words and pictures makes it a dangerous read on an empty stomach. Stella Bites is so good-looking it could be mistaken for a design blog.

There are more. For all the tasty blogs that post too infrequently (Minor Gourmandry is said to have skipped off to Cornell to study nutrition), Phila Foodie is something to bank on - a Center City lawyer's chronicle of his adventures in food and drink. But Foobooz takes the prize for best-tended food blog. Food, drink and deals is Arthur Etchells' beat, and if he were working the city desk, he'd be a cop reporter. There's always something newsy, like the latest post, which informs us that Le Bec Fin has just received five stars from Mobil Travel Guide.

POSTED: Monday, November 13, 2006, 7:52 AM
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Mysantorum_2 Let's say you didn't spend the past couple days trawling some of the city's bolder-faced blogs. You might have missed this:

Welcome to Phillyville has a plan for the Eakins masterwork that Thomas Jefferson Hospital has agreed to sell: Have the Philadelphia Museum of Art buy it, forget the underground annex it's hired Frank Gehry to design, and have Gehry do something where it counts more - the waterfront. Phillyville writes: "Let him build a brilliant anchor that will shine along the Delaware."


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