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Thanks For Sharing

What do you do when the guy in the stall next to you says "I Love You"?

Thanks For Sharing


Nocell What do you do when the guy in the stall next to you says "I Love You"?

Pray he's on the phone.

I don't understand how you can conduct business when you are, well, conducting business. It just seems wrong. Especially when you are in a public restroom, and the person next door is a captive audience for an intimate scene in your life. Do you have to share so generously?

"I hope you're on the phone," I said after he followed his "I Love You" with something about the groceries. Clearly I was intruding on his world, which was only fair.

"Yes," he replied after a second's pause. "Why?"

I looked down. Black loafers. Shined. Clearly not from the newsroom.

"Because I was hoping you were talking to someone else."


"Because I was hoping you weren't talking to me."


Suddenly, he wasn't so talkative.

Posted 02/18/2008 08:39:31 PM
could he spare a square?
Posted 02/19/2008 02:49:38 AM
sorry, not a square to spare.
Daniel Rubin
Posted 02/19/2008 07:45:38 AM
For puzzled comment readers, the Department of Context offers this footnote:
rent a car
Posted 05/16/2009 06:16:57 AM
Daniel Rubin Inquirer Columnist
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