Impossible Wilco

Tower Theatre. Saturday Night. John Doe opening for Wilco. Paying some real money for this one.  The above version of "Impossible Germany" is from "Austin City Limits," via Aquarium Drunkard, and its pretty much definitive. Gorgeous and alone, face-to-face.

Haven't seen Wilco since a mellow incarnation at the Troc around 2000. Old `97s opened. Found myself upstairs at an after-midnight show afterward, Los Straitjackets in their Mexican wrestling masks, and I remember something about the boys from Marah sending over a Jagermeister after we sent a Slippery Nipple their way. Or was it visa versa? Lotta freaks.

Citizen Mom
Posted 02/24/2008 08:50:56 AM

I was glad I ran into you at the show!

daniel rubin
Posted 02/24/2008 09:41:32 AM

talk about your needle in a haystack. how about that bird of prey on lead guitar?