Inky Airwaves

Dog_sweatsuitsOk, so maybe you didn't set your alarm for 10:37 a.m. Sunday to hear me on WHYY-FM talking about Philadelphia's passion for the sweat suit. Maybe you didn't remember the time change. Or, maybe - if you're like my wife - you had other things to do.

No worries. Here is a link to the audio of all the Inky commentaries -- Rick Nichols on local beer hunting, Melissa Dribben on beating the financial blues, Jeff Gammage (a former college soccer player) on the splendors of Chester, Monica Yant Kinney on curious property tax rates, Inga Saffron on the latest important buildings we lost, and John Timpane on the virtues of the word youse.

Collect them all. Trade them with your friends.