Becoming Jeano

_39696951_police_pa203long When we last checked in on Jean Cohen, the King of Prussia woman was living in merry ol' England, having packed her things after her husband's death, and set off for the land of quaint pubs, curious topiary and eccentric teeth.

That was in September, 2005, when we profiled her blog, called Oh, To Be in England, which was then-53-year-old's attempt to start anew and find her voice.

Looks like she found a voice, all right.

"I haven't a bloody clue!" began her latest e-mail, sent after I asked her to explain a bit more about the reason for her recent misadventures, which include being detained at Heathrow, frisked, interrogated, barred from re-entry into England and then given an armed escort onto a States-bound jet.

"Basically, I supported myself. obeyed their laws, and than a few ... okay, quite a few ... jokes about the Queen's, hat's, didn't concern myself with their political issues," writes the woman now signing her correpondences Jeano. "That was what was so scary. I'd thought of myself as an 'average' American who would be welcome in any 'free' country. Obviously, there are some hidden agendas that no one knows about."

So, the reason still isn't clear why she would up on some terror watch list. But the telling's pretty interesting. She chronicled her mishaps here, here and here on her blog.