The French Quarter

Sofitel An article on shows a surprising winner of "Best Philadelphia Hotel" on the Trip Advisor travel site:

Beating out the Four Seasons, The Rittenhouse, the Ritz, etc.. was the Sofitel on South 17th St. in Center City.

178 people have voted for the European-accented hotel on Trip Advisor, so it's a pretty unscientific survey.

And, judging from the comments, a little slap-dash:

One happy patron awarded five stars, writing from Melbourne, Australia:

We stayed at the Sofitel in Sept with our family and friends who'd come from around the globe for a Wedding. The hotel is in the French area of the city - although we didn't get a lot of time to explore...

Center City regulars might not realize there is a French quarter here (there's what, the hotel and a consul nearby?), but it thrives in the land of tourist web sites.

Tom Goodman
Posted 01/18/2007 10:47:21 AM

I don't know about your other readers, Dan, but I've always known there was a "French Quarter" in that part of town. Why, just within a few blocks of the Sofitel there are at least two Au Bon Pain outlets. You need to get out more!

Chris Krewson
Posted 01/18/2007 12:16:06 PM

FWIW, whenever I book trips via expedia, it plunks me in a Sofitel. I've stayed in 'em in NYC and DC ,and both are beeeeautiful. I mean fabulous. Plush carpets, well-appointed rooms, bathrobes, etc. V. nice. And that may account for its online popularity - it's where expedia/orbitz/et al dump people.

Posted 01/18/2007 12:29:13 PM

I could be wrong but isn't Walnut Street named as being part of a French Quarter district directly in front of Le Bec Fin? Maybe it includes Sansom Street too in the vicinity of the Sofitel.

daniel rubin
Posted 01/18/2007 12:30:33 PM

They are owned by the same people who run the Dorint hotels in Germany, which were the coolest places I've ever booked - very minimal, cool blue lighting, trippy music by the Notwist/Brian Eno coming out of everywhere. I would have gladly spent the night in one of their tubs.

Posted 01/18/2007 01:31:10 PM

L'Hexagone was a cute little bar right next to the Sofitel... that was French. And I believe there is a creperie on that block of Sansom. Bonte is nearby, too... is that French? They serve Belgian waffles though... Ce La Vie (sp?)

Susie from Philly
Posted 01/21/2007 08:44:42 AM

There IS a street sign at 19th & Walnut that says "French Quarter" at the bottom. I just noticed it the other day.

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