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On The Bus

My college roommate's obit will no longer read: David Friendly, who produced The Burbs, Tom Hanks' worst movie ....

On The Bus


135319__little_miss_sunshine_l My college roommate's obit will no longer read: David Friendly, who produced The Burbs, Tom Hanks' worst movie ....

I can now kid him about Laws of Attraction. I can tell him I didn't have the stomach to rent The Honeymooners remake.

He woke up at 4 a.m. this morning, Los Angeles time, and decided he needed a shave. It was dark. No one else was awake. He was pacing heavily. In a few hours, he would learn if the film he had put his heart into for several years was nominated for an Academy Award.

The odds were good. Sunday night, the Producers Guild of America had picked the film for its best feature award. Tom Cruise handed him and the other four producers an award on stage. Friendly later described that as totally surreal.

The Oscar nominations are announced alphabetically. When it was time for the Ls, it was another movie mentioned, Letters From Iwo Jima, the Clint Eastwood film in Japanese.

"My heart sunk," Friendly said by phone this morning.

Then they announced Little Miss Sunshine.

He screamed.

Across the country, I gave a hoot, too, as I heard the news over the radio.

I will not have to watch Big Momma's House 2 ever again.

Posted 01/23/2007 11:39:05 AM
The Burbs was awesome.  The party one of the Coreys had to watch all the drama rocked.  Crazy guys staking out on the roof.  Dead people burried in the basement.  The hick son with a neckbeard.  Awesome.
Posted 01/23/2007 12:30:42 PM
Congrats to your roommate - it is truly a wonderful movie and well-deserving of the nomination.
Posted 01/30/2007 04:36:40 PM
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