Bringing It To You, And Getting In Right

Speaking of back then ... a Channel 10 promo with the Stylistics from 1982. 

dan roth
Posted 01/30/2007 04:04:52 PM

There was a guy whose name I can't recall whose production co put out all the 70s-80s promos like Hello, Baltimore and Good Morning, Birmingham. They are wonderfully campy and accessible on youtube. And they use the same music basically. But this is the classiest promo I've seen in a long time.

Adrian Hickman
Posted 01/31/2007 09:47:41 PM

This IS a great promo. And it was created by Steve Freidman, aka Mr. Movie, who has a long running movie talk show on Saturday nights on the Big Talker 1210 AM / WPHT. As great as this promo is, he has done a ton of nice work both locally and nationally, and his movie knowledge is simply amazing. adrian