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198902Eagles three-time all-pro linebacker Jeremiah Trotter considering retirement? Say it ain't so, Newsday. Or NBC10.

Guitar World picked the greatest solos of all time. City Rag found video of the top 20. (via Clicked.) Pretty lame version of "Layla," essential Hendrix, and Jimmy Page on "Heartbreaker" makes me wish for a Led Zeppelin reunion.

Get paid to read blogs, hear podcasts. A Washington Post piece on a media company that scours the Web to track what people are saying about their clients.

Speaking of going blog wild, we've got a new one: Peter Mucha debuts "Live From ..." at 12:30 today with a visit to the Bulletin reunion. (And speaking of the Bulletin ...)

YouTube to share revenue with those who upload the most-popular videos? The BBC reports that it's got to be your own material, not, say, 24.

Posted 01/29/2007 11:36:50 AM

I dunno ... "Schizoid Man" way too low at 82. No "Have a Cigar"? Gilmore's best work, I think. A fully realized, structured solo. Like all those kinds of lists, way too subjective for anything other than good conversation material. It is that, though.

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