A Moment of Molly-isms

Ivins A correspondent from the other cubicle was moved to write a little something for this space to mark the death of Molly Ivins.

Carrie Rickey writes:

Ordinarily I’d say that we should declare a moment of silence for the passing of Molly Ivins, the Lone Star State political scribe who dubbed then-Governor George W. Bush "shrub" and opined of a dim congressman that, "if his I.Q. slips any lower we’ll have to water him twice a day." Yet given Ivins’ silver-tongued wit, let’s just declare a moment of Molly-isms. She was even funny about the surgery, chemo and radiation therapies for the breast cancer that ended her life at 62. "First they mutilate you, then they poison you, then they burn you. I’ve been on blind dates better than that."