MarleybobShaun Mullen at Kiko's House marks what would have been the 62nd birthday of Bob Marley with an in-depth look at his life and discography, including the news, to me, that the Jamaican reggae great once lived in Wilmington, Del., and worked a shift at the Chrysler plant.


"At 9 a.m. EST, officially it was 13 degrees colder at Philadelphia International Airport than it was in Anchorage, Alaska." This news comes from Tony Wood, Inquirer Renaissance man and climatic connoisseur, who has started a new site called Weather or Not.


Suburban Guerrilla asks (or tells) why newspapers and their Web sites devoted so much space to Super Bowl ads this year: "First of all, it’s an absolute filler story with very little of import attached to it. Second, it’s easy to do - throw in some opinions, add an online poll, and bake at no heat for 24 hours. So we get the "every news organization is doing this story" approach everywhere, from CNN to the Faribault Daily News, and news users all have to wade through it." I'm guilty as charged. Why? It's one of the few times during the year when everybody is paying attention to the same thing, which provides an opportunity to start a friendly food fight.


SmerconishAttytood breaks a little news about the Inquirer. Coming Sundays in the Currents section: conservative big talker Michael Smerconish.


Overheard in Philly has new ownership and ears. Which means we can eavesdrop on more pearls like this:

Drunk chick to friend: Miller Lite is the White Zinfandel of beers.

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Wikipedia's Bob Marley page has lots of goodies like that. as well as

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