Herr Zappa

Wowiezowie Reason No. Funf why I'd rather be back in Berlin:

German city names street after Frank Zappa.

Burnt Weenie Way?

Weasels Ripped My Flesh Road?

Cosmik Debris Drive?

Don't Eat the Yellow Snow Street?

Any Way The Wind Blows Avenue?

Calls for a contest.

Posted 08/01/2007 03:47:04 PM

With a nod to the current adminstration: "It Can't Happen Here Ct."

Posted 09/20/2007 07:21:57 AM

Zappa is revered here. Check out this: http://www.zappanale.de/index.html?http://www.zappanale.de/cms/forum/viewtopic.php?t=189&sid=77e0c3ba56b4099f82a915ad36febb95 The little sculpture is cute, have been to that place twice (not the Zappanale, though)...

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