Tom Snyder

Ts You loved him or you hated him. Maybe you even did a dead-on impersonation of him, collar out, cigarette waving, voice like a cartoon bear's?

But you watched The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder.

The former Philly noontime host - yes, Daily Sally has a brush with greatness - is dead at 71.

Here's the best of what you saw, via ALOTTFMA.

Sally Swift
Posted 07/31/2007 11:14:36 PM

Loved him. Watched him. Missed him. Then moved on. Until now. What a loss.

Posted 08/02/2007 07:19:28 PM

I used to take the bus up to Walnut Street on my way to Drexel daily and many mornings I would see him walking to KYW as I waited for my bus transfer. Always smoking.

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