'History Left to Rot'

Fairmount Here's a headline you won't find on UWISHUNU:

"Philadelphia's historic eyesore."

TravelGolf.com trashes Cobb's Creek Golf Club's Olde Course. Senior writer Chris Baldwin says the public course, designed by Hugh Wilson, who laid out such luxe links as the Merion Golf Club's, is "history left to rot:"

If they ever treated the Liberty Bell like this, there'd be a national uproar and congressional hearings. Cobb's Creek is history that's been left to rot.

Cheap, depressing, but filled with potential, he writes of the old-school layout. He gets off a good line:

It's sometimes hard to tell the fairway from the rough here.

Talk about rough ...

Posted 08/07/2007 01:27:05 AM

Yet somehow UWISHUNU saw fit to post about Finnegan's Wake. I wish I were joking. Stay classy, GPTMC.

Citizen Mom
Posted 08/07/2007 02:00:44 PM

Yeah and not for anything but that writer is known for, uh, overdramatizing everything he writes. Not exactly the authority figure.

Citizen Mom
Posted 08/07/2007 02:02:25 PM

Not even an original story idea, actually. http://www.philly.com/philly/sports/golf/6234866.html

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Posted 08/15/2007 07:07:13 AM

Hiawatha Golf Course was created on the west shore of the lake using dredged fill material. John Ja

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Posted 08/15/2007 05:45:42 AM

Sculpted from the heartland of Southern Wisconsin, Coachman\'s Golf Resort lie

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