Outside_in20usa20today208_8_07 America's 2nd-bloggiest city?

That's us, according to Monday's graphic in USA Today.

The stats were compiled by One of their representatives wrote by email that the group has been tracking blog activity in 60 or so cities around the country, watching how many posts were published in March and April. 

Divide by the population, and you get a rate. They call it a "blogginess quotient." We're quite bloggy.

Using this methodology, Philly came in No. 2 -- both in the number of total posts and the rate of posting, when you figure for how many people live here.

Boston had the highest rate. New York had the most posts. Seattle was busy drinking coffee.

Pittsburgh had the third-most posts per capita, which says something good about the scrapple state.

Posted 08/10/2007 09:42:57 AM

What kind of "statistic" is this? So many posts come to Philly blogs from elsewhere that counting the number of posts and dividing by population is essentially meaningless, if what you imply is how "bloggy" the city of Philadelphia is.

daniel rubin
Posted 08/12/2007 08:15:04 AM

this is a way to gauge the quantity of blog posting that originates from a philly site. it just shows there is a lot of activity, a sizable community. "thanks."

Colin Devroe
Posted 08/14/2007 11:50:08 AM

I'm both excited and confused. Excited to see Philadelphia being #2 on any list (I'm a secret admirer of the city from afar). But confused as to how San Francisco isn't even on this list. Perhaps the population ratio kills them? Or, my perception of how "bloggy" San Francisco is is obviously skewed.

Posted 08/14/2007 11:54:19 AM

Colin, San Francisco is 'foggy', not 'bloggy'. Yuck, yuck.

Posted 03/20/2009 01:04:24 PM

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