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Us From the 'Couldn't have said it better myself' department, comes Simon Dumenco in Advertising Age:

Speaking of standards, thank you, U.S. News & World Report, for your "Rankings and Reviews" website, in beta (with a "Best Cars & Trucks" roundup) -- a spinoff of your various "America's Best" franchises. I can't speak for other Americans, but I know I have been dying for more arbitrary rankings of the best stuff in America as determined by America's third-best newsweekly.

Posted 10/15/2007 07:04:39 PM

Princeton, Harvard, Yale and Stanford are the top 4 overall. Who'd-a-thunk? There's some heavy investigative journalism going on there, I'll bet. I'm guessing they put that issue to bed during July, when most of the staff was on vacation. Can you "phone in" a whole magazine?

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