The woman behind Obamagirl revealed

Lk If you fell in love with the young lady who fell in love with Barack Obama - then felt hurt when it came out that she was just lip-synching someone else's words - maybe you want to see the real deal in person Friday night.

Need more?

What if I told you this is the same velvety voice you heard but didn't see in the "My Box in a Box" parody of the truly inspired Justin Timberlake skit on Saturday Night Live?

They are one in the same -- a Philly native and Temple senior named Leah Kauffman. She's appearing in her own flesh at The Manhattan Room, 15 W. Girard Ave., Friday at 9 p.m.   She 's the backroom talent hired by Ben Relles, the Wharton grad who created the satirical That Philly-run site has been acquired by NextNewNetworks, a new-media company founded by Herb Scannell, who was president of Nickledeon. A lot's been riding on Leah's pen and vocal chords. Now we get to see the face.

So how hideous must this girl be?

You can see Leah, herself, dissing Ann Coulter on this new video that attacks the bellicose blonde blade's recent comments about Jews and heaven. Not so hard to take, as my people would say.

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