Paper Clips, Blog Breakouts and Why Programming Is Like Sex

Papercliphouse Remember the One Red Paper Clip guy? Kyle MacDonald of Montreal chronicled his efforts to keep trading until he'd exchanged his clip for a cottage. First he got a pen that looked like a fish. Then a handmade door knob. Later came an afternoon with Alice Cooper and a paid role in a Corbin Bernsen film. Looks like he finally got a house out of the deal. Took him nearly one year and fourteen moves.

There's a hideous parlor game going online: post the worst music video ever made. One must applaud the taste of Amanda Marcotte at Pandagon, who posted "I Eat Cannibals" by Toto Coelo. Yes, this is wretched, Mr. Black. As is this response. But Balloon Juice may have upped the ante with the full Shatner. Anyone?

Dogs on dogs: Why wouldn't you buy your cherished Collie Songs To Make Dogs Happy, which claims to be the first CD of tunes picked according to the tastes of 200 canines surveyed?

MySpace, The Movie. David Lehre's 11-minute YouTube film, which explores The Angles and Bullet Trains and asks the immortal question "Is Yeta Eastern European for Yeti?" has landed the 21-year-old college dropout a development deal with MTV and put him in "serious talks" with Fox, Rolling Stone reports.

Speaking of little-screen breakouts, have you seen It's Jerry Time? These mondo blog videos remind a friend of Harvey Pekar. They remind me of a guy I used to sit across from at work. Start with a couple-minute mortifying moment called "Who's That Guy?" The character that Wired Magazine calls the Web's saddest sack has been nominated for an Emmy.

A defense of those ESPN World Cup announcers -- if calling them "creditable" isn't too-faint praise. From Robert Weintraub, a Slate writer who has worked for ESPN. (Isn't there anyone else in the Rolodex?) The writer fails to tally the number of times over the past few weeks that the announcers have told the up close and personal story behind the scar that French player Franck Ribery bears on his face.

Why programming is like sex.

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