Hair Today

"If you keep wearing it, we'll keep staring at it."

Didn't take long for a D.C. computer programmer to come up with the first Sal Fasano music video I've seen since the Phillies designated the back-up catcher for reassignment.

The movie takes a while to load, even on broadband. But attention must be paid to labors of ladyman love.

brian howard
Posted 07/25/2006 01:31:52 PM

Maybe this is kind of nitpicky, but the video claims Sal has a handlebar moustache. I was under the impression that Sal's facial hair was of the Fu Manchu variety and that a true handlebar moustache is the type sported by the likes of Rollie Fingers and Sparky Lyle. Just saying.

Posted 07/25/2006 02:35:25 PM

Actually, yes, but if you'll notice, I typed in "I realize it isn't a handlebar". It was the best mp3 I could come up with. And no man love here! I'm a female with a penchant for backup catchers!

Daniel Rubin
Posted 07/25/2006 02:47:00 PM

oooh, female love. even better. will fix.

Posted 07/25/2006 04:30:49 PM

That was awesome! I live in Baltimore (originally from Philly) and was fortunate to have Sal with the O's last year and Phils this year. I met him during the '05 season and he's one of the few "good guys" left in pro sports. Here's hoping he completes the trifecta and winds up with the Nats next.

Posted 07/25/2006 04:31:47 PM

Indeed, his fan club should have been The Fu Manchu Crew.

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