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Hair Today II

So, if you're wondering what Sal Fasano looks like as a Yankee.

Hair Today II


SalnySalphlSo, if you're wondering what Sal Fasano looks like as a Yankee.


Actually, this picture is from an earlier stint in the organization.

Fasano was traded to the Yankees Wednesday for a minor-league second baseman named Hector Made.

And like Johnny Damon, Sal had to trim his locks. He also took the Fu Manchu in a little bit.

Why? George's rules. Philebrity found this on the Yankees Wikipedia page:

Dress Code: Under George Steinbrenner, long hair and facial hair below the lip are prohibited.

Sal should have pulled a Rollie Fingers and said he'd only go if Steinbrenner shaved his head.

From the Journal News:

Fasano had a Fu Manchu mustache and hair nearly to his shoulders when he was with the Phillies. He now has a more conservative mustache and much shorter hair, as per the rules of his new club. ...

The Yankees are Fasano's seventh team since 2000.

"You're an animal sometimes and you go from zoo to zoo," he said.

Anyone  expecting a Sampson-like let-down in Sal's strengths will be disappointed. He went one for three in his NY debut against the Rangers.

The 700 Level's got a photo of pin-striped Sal in action. Some sort of action.

Posted 07/28/2006 04:10:55 PM
Is it me, or does he look a whole lot happier in that Yankees photo? I guess I would be, too.
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