If You Had A Life This Weekend

Wawa_1You might have missed ...

That Philadelphians, described a mere seven years ago as America's most porked-out people, have vaulted to the 23rd most in-shape, according to Men's Fitness. Phillyist writes: And who's to credit for our Charlie Brown-esque rise to 23rd place? None other than Mayor John Street, of course. Besides naming his friend Gwen Foster as Philadelphia's "fitness czar," he helped create the program "Health Journey," which encourages "travel buddies" to "travel to exotic places including fictional places such as Las Veggies, Nev.; Hon-A-Lose-It, Hawaii; and Fitadelphia."

That we like boobs a lot, according to Gridskipper. Writing about the Boobies exhibit at the Falling Cow Art Gallery in South Street, Gridskipper shows it knows its Fug lyrics. Philadelphia Weekly shows it doesn't mind using the word boobies: There'll be blinging boobies, double-D boobies, frosted boobies, battling boobies, sisters' boobies, cascading boobies, animal-topped boobies, Land O' Lakes boobies—hell, there'll even be three boobies you get to "examine." Neither do we. The show, which benefits breast cancer research, runs through Aug. 26.

That Owen Wilson don't remember the queen of soul. At least he doesn't remember Steely Dan or their song "Hey Nineteen." Or so he says in his back-at-you reply to the Dan's Becker and Fagen, who've accused him of ripping off their "Cousin Dupree" song and turning it into a lame movie. I agree with the Huffington Post commenter who'd like to see a flick based on Steely Dan's "Don't Take Me Alive." "Throw Back The Little Ones" would work, too, if anyone knew what it was about. Read the lyrics. (I did just hear "Cousin Dupree" on the radio, meaning this whole thing is working as planned.)

Cupid That not only are there more than 5,000 members of a Myspace group dedicated to loving the Wawa, but there are several other online groups for fans of the Pa.-based convenience stores. Apparently, it's not the ice tea or the vinegar potato chips. It's the service, sayeth the New York Times.

That there is a blog that keeps track of Condoleezza Rice's hair.

And, since you are probably back to work as you read this, that the Guardian news blog went out and found Ten Gadgets That Would Get You Fired. We, too, are partial to the under-the-desk microbrewery.

jay lassiter
Posted 07/31/2006 01:13:07 PM

the daily news called us (at the time) the "city of brotherly lovehandles." I moved here a week or so before that came out and i admit i was pretty mortified.

Mike in Portland
Posted 07/31/2006 03:53:42 PM

A movie based on "Don't Take Me Alive" could be great, but here's hoping somebody in the cast knows how to pronounce "Oregon."