Yodadog_1 Wanna see something really scary?

No, not the picture of the four-legged Yoda, left. Or the Dog Bride, below right. It's this number: we're forking over about $4.96 billion on Halloween costumes, decorations, candy and cards - about five times what we'll spend on elections this year, a BBC blogger figures, noting that mid-terms are an "an equally horrible occasion populated by some equally scary characters." (A number of U.S. readers promptly tell the British blogger what he can do with his outrage.)

And I'm not even sure that number includes the growing pet-costume sector.

WDogbridee ask because last week brought the first annual Halloween Parade for pugs in our local dog park. I wasn't invited. Neither was my dog, who would have likely eaten several of those appealing hors d'ouevres. Without pictures, we have to resort to these actually entertaining photos, courtesy of Musings From The God of Cities, from the 16th Annual Halloween Pooch Parade in Tompkins Square Park in NYC's East Village. Make sure you page down for the Seal Pup and the Autumn Leaves hound.

There's much more to be frightened of:

Stuff Magazine's 100 Scariest Movies Ever Made. What's No. 1? Here's a hint: Chris Rock says, "It convinced me that the devil was out to get me."

Here's another hint. It isn't Scary Mary Poppins, although the YouTube clipping is haunting.

We have more Halloween programming today in this particularly spooky day for Blinq. Have you been watching Monsterfest on AMC? Tuesday it's all Halloween All The Time, from the original to Halloween 5, The Revenge of Michael Myers.

Makezine Make (left) offers the best, over-the-top costumes and carvings I've seen this season.

Pax Romano sees dead people.

Monster_1 Some Velvet Blog cues up some holiday mash.

Freudian Slips sees a need for a holiday make-over, now that his child's school parade has been canceled due to security concerns.

Suburban Guerrilla notes the government is messing with time to bring children a brighter Halloween.

Celebrate the holiday with Lenny Bruce's "My Werewolf Mama" and other scary treats.

Back from a kiddie trick-or-treat party where his tot's nursery school teacher was dressed as a slutty/sexy cavewoman, Throwing Things asks the key question: "If you walked into a party and noticed that the wake from the 3-foot tall Spider-man chasing a 3-foot tall Mr. Incredible kicked up a breeze that made the lower three-quarters of your buttocks chilly, wouldn't you walk back to your car, find the nearest linen store, buy a cheap sheet, poke a couple of holes in it, and call yourself a party-appropriate ghost?"

Costume party atop the Bellevue. Time to trot out that old Legionnaire's outfit?

Courtesy of WFMU's Beward the Blog, which has already found links to scary audio, video and safety tips for the season, The Worst Halloween Costimes of All Time! Need me one of those Gabe Kaplan and the Sweathogs units.

Anthony Preziosi
Posted 10/31/2006 07:10:00 PM

And the whole time, I thought "An Inconvenient Truth" was the scariest movie of all time! Maybe it is.