OJ, Smelling The Glove

Oj "I consider this his confession," says publisher Judith Regan of O.J. Simpson's If I Did It book, where he talks about what would have happened had he actually been the killer of Nicole Brown Simpson and friend Ron Goldman.

Tearful, two-part TV interview on Fox - part of the same happy media family as ReganBooks - to follow, prompting Harry Shearer to write: "It's a breathtaking use of the past subjunctive by a network that normally can barely manage the present tense."

eCache in South Jersey observes, "The bottom of the pit dropped today."

BunkerBlaster commenting at TV Spy's Watercooler: "Certainly thoughtful for his kids, who were probably the LAST people in American who still believed O.J. DIDN'T murder their mom. Thoughtful too for all African Americans around the country who wanted to believe his not guilty verdict was a just one, and now he's just laughing at them too.."guess I fooled you"...only not really. There is no one in America who doesn't know the truth now. One of the saddest chapters in our history now becomes even sadder and cheaper, if that's possible."

Howard Burns in the Hollywood Reporter: "If I'm reading this right, the man who has consistently tried to distance himself from the killings -- the man who was acquitted of the crimes in a court of law -- is now intending to give a tutorial on how he would have committed the murders if he actually was the perpetrator. Normally it's the ex-jock or ex-coach who provides the color commentary on sportscasts, presumably because of their experiences in the game. If Simpson is going to give us his own anatomy of two murders, from where is he drawing his experiences? An old 'Columbo' episode, perhaps?"

Captain's Quarters recalls living through the OJ circus in Los Angeles back in 1994. He is not relishing that so many people will soon be eating their words. Capt. Ed writes, "Undoubtedly Fox and Regan will attract a huge audience, but it won't include me. They can relive the OJ embarrassment, hauling out Geraldo, Greta, and all of their talking heads to dissect the case yet again, but thinking people should refuse to contribute any more to the celebrity of a double murderer. Hopefully, Harper Collins will rethink its relationship to ReganBooks in the same manner that readers will also do."

Or, as one commenter on The Moderate Voice put it: "My own book will be called "As If I Watched It."

Jon Swift's take: "Some cynical people will probably say Regan and Fox are doing it for the money. They will say that standards in corporate America have slipped so low that they will do anything to make a quick buck and are banking on the idea that most Americans have lost their moral compass, too. Of course, conservatives believe there is nothing wrong with making money, even if a few peoples' feelings are hurt in the process, but I don't think greed is Regan's and Fox's primary motivation. If making money were their only objective Regan would never have gone into a money-losing business like publishing and Fox would never have broadcast such series as The Swan or Playing It Straight or canceled Firefly, Arrested Development or The Family Guy. I think their actual goal is to teach the American people a valuable lesson, one that is more important than ever, which is that you can't always believe what you read or see on television."

Former network exec Bob Benson, calling it "a disgusting nexus of media and real life," suggests a "boycott." 

Posted 11/16/2006 10:29:26 AM

A disgusting display of cultural limbo; "How low CAN we go"? Makes me sick to my stomach to be even remotely related to the media production industry.

Paul Burke
Posted 11/16/2006 11:15:33 AM

Not many comments maybe OJ and this book will fall on deaf ears but I'm afraid not. I actually felt sick to my stomach reading through some of the links off the Huffington Post. It is really low almost as low as trashing the environment with something called the Clear Skies Act. MAYBE we are the great Satans. The people in power sure seem to act that way and a lot of the ones with money sure seem to have lost their moral compass. USA, USA, USA - yuck! ____________________________________ Just a reminder of another pile of sh** brought to you by the Bush adminatration and Karl Rove - "Clear Skies Proposal Weakens the Clean Air Act Originally proposed in 2002, the Clear Skies initiative would weaken many parts of the Clean Air Act and would result in significantly fewer reductions of air pollutants than currently required."

Posted 11/16/2006 11:41:53 AM

I'm amazed and disgusted by this whole thing - sure the curiousity factor will make people tune in, but who is going to buy advertising during this debacle? And what can be left for an entire book? An itemized timeline as OJ would imagine it to happen? I (nerdily) follow the book publishing industry and, man, if i were another author published by Regan, I'd be mortified.

Jo Izaguirre
Posted 11/16/2006 06:21:57 PM

Boycot Fox TV

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Posted 11/20/2006 01:06:40 PM

OJ Simpson is back in the news once again as it seems he is on a mission to make sure that none of us forget about him. Simpson is set to launch a book entitled If I Did It, a tell all book about how he would have carried out the murders...