Let Us Count The Ways

Photobyap_26 Measuring your favorite Eagle this morning for a pair of goat horns?

Enrico at AOL's FanHouse is looking at L.J. Smith. Why pick on a guy who hauled in a touchdown pass during a 45-21 roasting by the Colts? 'Rico:

The Birds were trailing 21-0 in the second quarter when the offense finally put something that resembled a drive together. Jeff Garcia hit a wide open LJ Smith in the endzone for a nice touchdown. At first it appears that LJ realizes that the birds have a lot of ground to make up and he'll just walk back to the huddle. Then he gets a tremendous urge to pull off one of the most unentertaining touchdown celebrations in all of football. Smith jogged over to the field goal post and laid the ball over it. Awesome

Come on LJ, act like you've been there before. When you're up a couple scores, I'm all for a little fun in the endzone. But when you're season is going down the tubes, you've dropped countless passes in recent games, and you score a meaningless TD in a game in which you're getting spanked, it's a slap in the face to the fans to pull some lame endzone celebration.

Bleed Green is measuring the entire D:

The defensive line and the linebackers were just pathetic. This defense needs a complete overhaul up front. I also have to wonder whether or not it may be time to look beyond Jim Johnson.

So is Iggles Blog, but with English-major panache:

The defense could qualify for federal disaster relief at this point.  Colts' rookie Joseph Addai not only had the first 100-yard game of his career, but actually went for 171 yards and four touchdowns against an Eagles defense that got pushed around all night by the Colts, a finesse team not known for having much of an edge.

That's a little bit like getting bullied in high school by the drama dorks.  Pretty embarrassing.

Sean Portnoy picks three:

Goatwithhorns Matt McCoy plays like a blonde Mark Simoneau, big free agent signing Darren Howard is ineffective, and first-round pick Brodrick Bunkley apparently can’t even make the team’s flight on time.

Mic's Rants and Raves says it's wrong to be putting that rack on Jim Johnson's crown:

I think I can hear the calls for Jim Johnson's head already...but to be honest, he's not the one overpursuing the stretch runs...he's not missing tackle at the line of scrimmage...he's not the one that looked velcro'd to the offensive lineman he's supposed to beat....THIS WAS a mano-a-mano blocking scheme that gobbled up the lineman and linebackers...Addai could've busted some break dancing moves on some of those runs...Hell, Addai could've done the "robot" on his way into the endzone on a couple of those plays....

He must have pretty good hearing, catching the games from Japan. But he's right. Karl Martino at Philly Future is making that sort of noise:

I'd say that the conventional wisdom about the Eagles, that our defense is what keeps us competitive, is no longer anywhere near current reality.

That other teams have Jim Johnson's number.

And in sports, that means it's time for a change.

Posted 11/27/2006 12:16:20 PM

L.J. Smith is a joke. When he celebrated like that I turned the game off.

Anthony Preziosi
Posted 11/27/2006 02:27:51 PM

I think it's great that the NFL and NBC conspired to adopt this "flexible schedule", only to have it backfire on them royally last night. The Eagles are a shell of their former selves and the Colts lost the undefeated season after the schedule change. Serves them right for trying to manipulate history. Even television isn't that influential. Few things make me happier than seeing corporate America screwed over. Televisions across America were being tuned out as the Eagles were down 17 points going into the fourth quarter, and it's a little past 10 o'clock EST, while Al Michaels grasped at straws to try to keep fans interested.

Posted 11/27/2006 03:59:26 PM

Put the blame for the season where it belongs -- on Reid and McNabb.

mike s
Posted 11/27/2006 04:30:49 PM

If Eagles mgmnt was a flowchart,the lines of action would all go in a circle. This is a vicous cycle.But let's just focus on D.Our D has crashed and burned and needs to be re-done. Who's going to fix it?The same people who evaluated the talent that crashed it? Get the 27 year old scouts out of Novacare and back to grad school where they belong. There's really no way out but that. Pretty simple.