Packing Up

Wolf_pack Welcome to Phillyville bids farewell to Phillies hurler Randy Wolf:

A few years ago, I spent a week in Clearwater following the Phils around during spring training. I recommend the trip to anyone who has even marginal interest in sports. Spring training is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the players. In a very real sense, attending a game at Pittsburgh's spring training home in Bradenton Florida gives fans a chance to step into the world of the players. ... We spent the majority of the afternoon hanging out by the Phils bullpen collecting autographs and chatting with the players. For whatever reason, Wolf was among the most chatty.

Wolf I have no idea what the hell we talked about but that's not the point of the story. A couple months later in early may, I and my same two friends were standing in the rightfield bleachers at the Vet trying our best to shag the occasional BP long ball. Wolf and the other pitchers were doing their pregame calisthenics below us. To our complete surprise, Wolf yelled at us.

Usually the yelling goes the other way around, you know, me yelling at the player. So, this turn of events definitely got my attention.

Once he got our attention, Wolf yelled something along the lines "Hey, you guys were at Bradenton!"

I've been idolizing the Phils for literally as long as I can remember. If I had to name my first memory, it would probably involve something to do with the 600-level behind home plate in late September. So, even though it is embarassing for me as a grown man to admit, to have Wolf recognize me was awesome.

Posted 12/01/2006 08:40:23 AM

Ok, it would have been an amazing moment for me too! It's nice to know that these guys actually notice we care about them. There's something about the spirit of this young Phils team that makes them completely engaging. That's why, while I still mourn the loss of my Friday nights in section 408 of Turner Field and have a few too many Braves shirts for my own safety, I have become a rabid Phils fan in a single year of Philly residence (this may endanger me on both fronts, since I'm convinced that my ex-roommate and fellow season ticket holder back in Atlanta is plotting creative ways to kill me--shes supposed to be doing a functional analysis of the aggressive behavior of a new lion at the Atlanta zoo these days, so next visit she may try dropping me in the exhibit to see if it's traitorous Braves fans that set him off). But back to the cool team we've got--I'm convinced that starting the year with guys we ended the season with last year will bring us the playoff spot we so tragically missed out on just a couple months ago. Maybe we should all go down to spring training this year to let them know we're watching and dreaming big!

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