Barbarians At The Gates

Bushtwins Who knew Borat was reading the news in Argentina?

Don Groff, the travel columnist, writes by e-mail that he was curious how the news of the Bush twins' excellent adventure was playing in Buenos Aires. He ran the Spanish-language article in La Nacion through Google translator.

The piece begins:

The embassy of the United States in Buenos Aires denied yesterday a journalistic version that indicated that it had recommended the daughters of president George W. Bush to finish his vacations in Argentina by security reasons.

The visit from the Bush sisters to Buenos Aires spent to the public knowledge the last week when a thief stole the purse of Barbarian to the care of American intelligence agents.

The article on the supposed suggestion of the diplomatic delegation to Barbarian and her Jenna sister so that they leave the country was published by the ABC chain in its site of Internet.

"We have taken knowledge from an originating report of journalistic sources according to which civil employees of the embassy would have recommended firmly that the daughters of President Bush shortened their visit to Argentina (...) Is false", the embassy in the official notice said.

The Bush sisters attended last Sunday a soccer match in the stage of Juniors Mouth, where they were filmed repeatedly by the television while they shone a t-shirt of the most popular club of the country.

Very niiice!

Posted 11/29/2006 05:39:29 PM

that's what you get for running portugese through a spanish translator. :-p

ping: Borat in Argentina -->
Posted 11/29/2006 09:50:27 AM

Daniel Rubin's Blinq blog, from the Philly Inquirer, picks up an automatically translated version of the Bush daughters' romp in Argentina. It reads, as he says, like Borat's next movie. My favorite passage: The visit from the Bush sisters...