Howard's Beginning

Heishere We've had David Hiltbrand listening to Howard Stern's debut on Sirius this morning, and here's his take.

Here's what the bloggers said:

Jeff Jarvis at Buzzmachine tuned in early. Caught the initial glitches. Heard George "Capt. Sulu" Takei's tale of losing his virginity at Boy Scout camp. Heard that David Lee Roth refused to take Howard's call. And caught a discussion of swearing and sat radio. Jarvis mused:

How many sacred cows bit the dust this morning: F-words, Star Trek, and the Boy Scouts. I want to buy Brent Bozell a Sirius subscription.

If you're looking for the play-by-play, Mark's Friggin' is back in action, chronicling everything breathlessly.

Sample: George Takei introduced the next reporter, Andrea Pyser, who asked Howard if he's excited about the new show. Howard said that he's very excited. Howard interrupted and asked George who he found to be the most attractive man in the room. George said it had to be Keith Olberman.

A few bloggers bit on Stern's announcement that he's married his girlfriend. One guy who seems to be live-blogging the moment, noted Stern conceded he made that up within two minutes.

Apparently Stern's arrival of satellite radio is not only causing Sirius's fortunes to turn. It is causing listeners to lose sleep. Writes DVGTR in LiveJournal:

Howard Stern has started on satellite today. I was going to listen for an hour or so and try to catch the evening replay but I'm going to forgo sleep today (nap in the afternoon, I shall) to listen to the whole thing live. So far, George Takei has used the "C"-word and discussed his first homosexual experience, Stern has said, "this is so f$%^&$ great", and thus and such.

I have a good feeling about the new direction of the show and look forward to a lot of really funny stuff.

Some fans hoping to catch the show for free on the Sirius Web site were disappointed. A three-day trial comes free, but apparently the show was not available.

One who did thought he heard something familiar - the Pat O'Brien sex tape.

"Where have I heard that before…," asked Insignificant Thoughts. "Oh right. Opie and Anthony."

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