Bending The Very Walls of Reality

Dungeonsdragonsheroesc "Have you ever been chased by the entire JV football team simply because you chose to wear your cloak to school that day?

If you've ever driven a van full of boys and realized that you're not sure what language they are speaking, or what species they are, here's a movie for you.

You might laugh or cry at "Fear of Girls," an 11-minute short, featuring two long-in-the-tooth game masters in their lair as they discuss board strategies, pray to the Describer of the Divine Earth-Circle, or try to make the pizza delivery babe.

Tacony Lou
Posted 02/01/2006 02:03:13 PM

Thanks, Dan, for turning the Blinq readership on to China's not-so-secret weapon in its pursuit of world dominance.

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