Bleeding Marvelous

Pete With the Lil' Kim prison blog quiet as a lock-down - and even the parody blog silenced - it's left to Babyshambles's frontman Pete Doherty to keep up the jailbird jottings, the Guardian reports.

The story starts here with a slap in the mush from some unsympathetic magistrate. I'm banged up in Pentonville with more than a tailor's dozen charges on me tail. God knows why: the band should be smashing up the Toon, Glasgae and Shepherd's Bush this weekend and instead I'm birded off on remand after a slow clucking duck walk (sitting too) through the bowels of Bethnal Green nick, Thames magistrates and now da 'ville. Innit bleeding marvellous?

Yo, could we get a translation here?

Posted 02/14/2006 02:03:47 PM

Best translation I can do for you: My sorry tale commences with a rather disappointing outcome from the judge appointed to hear my case. I find myself incarcerated in Pentonville jail as a result of more than a few offences alleged against me. My maker seems to be the only one who might explain this less-than-favorable situation. Whereas my four-piece combo should be making raucous ditty in Newcastle, Glasgow and West London, I find myself doing jail-time (i.e. porridge) after spending too much of the last few weeks pacing back and fro in my cell while a guest of the constabulary at Bethnal Green police station, kept in custody at Thames magistrates court, and now in prison. Is not my situation exsanguinatingly wonderful?

daniel rubin
Posted 02/14/2006 02:52:53 PM