Second City

Pittsburgh If Philadelphia is New York's sixth borough, then Pittsburgh is its West Village, declares New York Magazine in another one of those annoying attempts to annex the free world. (See: "Hip to be Square")

"It’s more gay-friendly than Manhattan," says Coldwell Banker relocation specialist Mark Rutigliano, who moved here (with his partner) from West 11th Street. It's not just that Queer As Folk is set here—a serious performing-arts scene thrives downtown and the city hosts the annual International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Of course, Pittsburgh's appeal also lies in its affordable real estate: $300,000 gets you a three-bedroom house. And if you do get homesick, there’s an upscale gay bar called New York, New York.

Posted 02/24/2006 01:35:16 PM

there's a reason places like pittsburgh are affordable.

daniel rubin
Posted 02/24/2006 02:05:50 PM

Sure, and the West Village, and San Francisco, too. ----- PING: TITLE: aocb -->

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