Replace T. O.

200_wr Remember Jeremy?  The cute little 7-year-old who believed in the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus, and that if he named his Web site F.U.T.O. people would believe he actually meant "For You Terrell Owens?"

And all those T-shirts he sold on the same page as his "Open Letter to T.O." (which sounded as if two Horsham brothers with a little experience in marketing might have been looking over his shoulder)? Well, a good idea is a good idea.

Jeremy's back. With another plan. To raise money so the Eagles can buy a new receiver:

Now that T.O. is leaving, I was thinking we need to replace him with somebody better.  But then I remembered that the hole reason he is leaving is because of money.  So I'm thinking we could help the Eagles to replace him by all pitching in.  If we hit our goal we'll all get to be happy about the Eagles again!  I miss them.         - Jeremy

Jeremy is trying to get 1,000 people to pledge $10 each, to help the Eagles pay for a receiver who can both run, catch and play with others. He has set up a pledge drive using a site called Fundable, which only collects money from people if the entire goal is met, which is $10,000.

Replace T.O. is what he's calling this cyber version of a sidewalk lemonade stand.

I emailed the person who told me about this - who I'm guessing was one of those Horsham brothers -and he said that he wasn't expecting any money to actually change hands. Who would actually pay $10 for this, right? Although, if the money is raised, Jeremy will actually present it to the team.

And if they don't want it -- the money will go to Eagles Fly For Leukemia, the team's pet charity. There are 24 pledging days left.

Posted 02/24/2006 10:07:36 AM

The Eagles have enough money. I'd give it to John Runyan. Or just donate it to charity. Definitely not to the Eagles.

Posted 02/24/2006 03:23:08 PM

I'm with Jason, the Eagles don't *need* our money no matter how bad they may want it. F.T.O. was funny, this, not so much.

daniel rubin
Posted 02/24/2006 03:32:06 PM

Have I told about the 'Send Blinqs kids to college program?' Setting up Paypal soon. Or Dan's CD fund? Missing lots of tunes.

Jon Wechter
Posted 02/25/2006 09:31:09 AM

You guys are nuts! I would trade McNabb to Houston for their first round pick and draft Vince Young; I would also draft Michael Robinson as a back-up, then I would resign T.O. for at least three years. It was pretty obvious that he was (is) more important to a successful Eagles team than Donovan. John Wechter

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