Pesta Map

Septascrambled_2   Anagrams of transit maps have been spreading around the web like a hacking cough, thanks to Boing Boing, and former Inky editorial assistant Ian Mount celebrated the local twist Monday on Gridskipper.


Would love to see more of this map (left). Anyone know where it came from? Someone want to try one of your own? It's got promise, with such stops as Gym Wino, Rad Pig, I Mourn Fat and the euphonious Lit a Hip Hop Handler.

Posted 02/28/2006 03:50:30 PM

I think it came from this site: I found it on Boing Boing yesterday. Now we just need someone to take on the Market-Frankford Line.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 02/28/2006 04:04:53 PM

nice work. and yes, this must branch out. No Ogre is pretty good.

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