T Is For Tolstoy, O For O Henry

Tobust We'll lay off T.O. soon in this space, but he keeps doing such noteworthy things. First he records a rap about his cheddah payday with the Cowboys. Now he's writing a book. Another one. Presumably not like George Clooney writes a blog.

"Ineligible Receiver" is the name. "The Real Story of My Journey From the Super Bowl to the Sidelines" is the subtitle. David Rosenthal, an exec with the publishing house Simon & Schuster, says "it's an important chapter in the long-term struggle for players' rights in the NFL."

The Eagles, you'll remember, benched Owens for four games for poisoning the locker room, then placed him on the inactive list over the last five weeks of the season before cutting him this month rather than pay him another $5 million. The new agreement between the players union and the owners bans deactivating a player for disciplinary reasons.

The book is out in July. Until then, we must make do with some of these quote highlights from the man who once said, "Exposure is exposure, whether it's good or bad."

Owens is already a notable author, having written 2004's Catch This! Going Deep With the NFL's Sharpest Weapon with Stephen Singular. This was the blurb pulled off of Amazon:

In Catch This! Owens takes readers back to his hardscrabble childhood in rural Alabama, where he was raised by a stern grandmother and loving mother. By the time he won an athletic scholarship for football at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, the once small, bullied boy had transformed himself into a very large man with a super body and an iron will to succeed. He takes us behind his apprenticeship to -- and eventual eclipsing of -- the legendary 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice. He pulls no punches when it comes to his extremely public fight with San Francisco coach Steve Mariucci -- a relationship so sour that they didn't speak at all during the crucial final weeks of the 2001 season. And, finally, he lets loose on the free agent scandal that shook the NFL in 2004 -- and reveals the truth behind the NFL's attempt to deny him free agency, his fraudulent trade to the Baltimore Ravens, and his ultimate happy landing with the Philadelphia Eagles. For those who think they know both Terrell Owens and TO, catch this story.

Expect more truth-telling in Ineligible Receiver. We're hoping for insight into the difficulties of feeding a family on $49 million, how the Eagles failed to recognize his 100th touchdown, some driveway exercise tips and locker room memories of Nicole Sheridan and Hugh Douglas.

And perhaps he talk about how he plans to get along with the Dallas fans behind the "Feed My Family Foundation" found on Cowboystalk.com - the ones who called him a "low life loser."

Or, he could just read Sally Swift, who will miss the Pro-Bowl player and marketer.

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