In Your Case, A Great Dane

2007_chevrolet_tahoe What was Chevrolet thinking when it green-lighted a competition for budding Madison Avenue types to make their own ads for the gas-guzzling, small village-crushing Chevy Tahoe?

Yeah, yeah - free pub, a little buzz.

But tag lines lines like "Chevy: Screwing us over since 1911?"

Try your own, folks.

Then see what this weisenheimer at Metafilter made. Or this one, which I clicked only because the poster's online name is "It's Raining Florence Henderson." And it didn't disappoint. Here's a whole page of them.

If you make a winner, let us know in the comments section.

And what's with my headline? Any one remember Manhattan?

Sherri W.
Posted 04/04/2006 11:36:07 PM

Well, I didn't make one, but Redneck Mother composed an ad I rather like. Here's her blog: And here's her ad: