JoedimaggioRollinsJimmy Rollins - 38 and counting.

First time up tonight, he pulls one down the line past Scott Rolen.

The Phillies shortstop is 18 games away from Joe DiMaggio's record for consecutive games with a hit.

Whoa! Someone has already updated his Wikipedia entry.

Love the J-Rolls Bakery guys shown in the seats with their funny red chef hats and the banner that celebrates "serving up hits since '96."

That Dude
Posted 04/05/2006 11:42:28 PM

If there is anyone question as to why Abreu and Lieby get booed, tonight should answer those.... Abreu dogs a ball early int he game which costs us a run. Lieby cant control his pitchers and swings wildly at the end of the game withthe bases loaded and after Izzy walked two batters to meely ground out. HE IS SHOT.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 04/06/2006 07:08:41 AM

those were two pathetic moments.

Michael Carboni
Posted 04/06/2006 09:18:50 AM

The more you think things change, the more they stay the same.