Motherly Love

Pink_bats_1 Have we read enough about snowball-hurling, Santa booing, self-hating Philadelphia fans?

What if from now on Philadelphia sports enthusiasts were known as the folks who tried to cure cancer?

Enrico at The 700 Level, normally as crusty as the next guy, is trying a change-up on his blog: He wants people from around here to buy those pink bats that the league introduced on Mother's Day. He writes:

I thought we could try and give Philly fans a better reputation by raising some money and bidding on a Phillies item.  I've set up a Fundable Group Action with a goal of $3,000.  If you are curious how Fundable works check out the graphic on their main page.  If the goal of $3,000 is met and people still want to donate, the amount will be raised.

The way it works: People pledge a donation to the group action, if the goal of $3,000 is not met, no person's paypal or credit card is charged.  Once we reach the goal, all of those who pledge funds will be charged their pledge amount.  The final amount raised will be sent to me, and I will then bid on one of the Phillies items through MLB auctions.  If you pledge and would like your name mentioned or your website linked to, I will surely do so here on The700Level.  Also, if anyone donates $100 or more, I will give you a free month of Blogads advertising here at The700Level as well.  If our goal is met and for some reason we can't bid on any of the Phillies items I will either bid on another item which all of the proceeds will benefit breast cancer or will simply donate the money to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

As Lili Von Schtupp once said, What a nice guy!

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Posted 06/15/2006 02:34:41 AM

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