You, Too, Can Edit The Inquirer

TomsawyersfenceI profile the bloggers behind five local sites this Sunday in the Inquirer's Image section.

Philebrity. Citizen Mom. Sarcasmo's Corner. The Manrilla Blog. Oh Joy!

It made me think of a couple things, the first being that reporting a piece takes a hell of a lot longer to do than writing a post.

Secondly, maybe I should take your suggestions. Who would you want to read about next?

My editor has threatened to get me do this again in six months. If there's some local blog or blogger you want to know more about, send in a comment or email.

We're trying something new with this piece: You should be able to click on a link we'll put on the page over the weekend that shows you what other bloggers are writing about the piece. Technorati has helped us track this. Blogometric pressure, they call it.

Here's the piece.

The version in the Image section has lots of photos by Eric Mencher. Even of Pal Joey.

Posted 06/02/2006 04:52:35 PM

"Every blog has its say, but many aren’t worth a click" I'll bet you, aside from "Phillyist", that every "blog" is read at least once a day and twice on Sunday. It's an old philosopher's question of which came first, the "blog" reader, or the "blog" writer. So they ARE worth a click, but not everyone will enjoy them. What you just said is that there is a status of "elite" in the "blog" world, and everyone else is crap. That's crap.

Daniel Rubin
Posted 06/02/2006 05:10:44 PM

I don't write the headlines or what we call display copy in the paper. That said, I don't think that's an elitist argument. It's just saying that some of the tens of millions aren't worth your time. You disagree?

Posted 06/02/2006 09:11:23 PM

Well sure, most people won't enjoy every blog out there... in fact it's a safe bet that no one person will even enjoy more than one! Which is what I said before. It's just that that headline gives the impression, addressing a wide, general audience, that most are crap. Do you disagree with that? I liken it with golf. People do it because they enjoy it. They may be bad at it, they may three putt every other hole like I do, but at the end of the day they had a few good shots and managed to put together a birdie or two, and a few pars. It's satisfying and you don't need to be told that you're bad at it. You know you are, but still you manage to get a foursome together every other weekend and have a good time. If everyone was Tiger Woods then golf would not be challenging anymore, and it would be boring.

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Posted 06/23/2006 04:04:52 PM